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This month was busy, with the improvements that appeared on BMC Communities 10 days ago (streams, mobile, and more!).


But we never forget users, who make the BMC ecosystem successful.

So let's take time to showcase activities from 3 of them.



Jason_Tshirt.pngMost of us are familiar with the Customer who will be awarded this month. He actually was awarded once last September, for his engagement in the Remedy ITSM world (including most The specified item was not found. shared components), and his open innovation mindset.


On the picture here, Jason Miller wears a T-shirt he received from May Bakken crediting his work on the BMC Customer Programs.


Jason is recognized this month for something else he did, regarding mobility for BMC Communities. He requested it very early, worked with us to beta test it in the past weeks, and even documented it for all of us to enjoy. His document covers the Android App, the iOS Apps (iPhone and iPad-optimized one), and even mobile browser view.


Thanks a lot Jason for being on the top of everything, both with BMC Products, and with the BMC Ecosystem!



The consultant ecosystem is showcased this month, thanks to recent engagement from Siddu.


In the past 3 months, Siddu angadi popped up in the Top 4 best contributors platform-wide.

He mostly interacts in the BladeLogic (Server Automation) and The specified item was not found. (ADDM Discovery) communities.


His experience lasts from the past years, implementing all the technologies that are covered, working for Column Technologies or TCS previously.


Siddu, thanks for the great work in the automation and discovery areas!


With your recent move to Agrim Business Solutions, will the breadth and depth of interactions on BMC Communities change?



Last but not least, I want to recognize someone with awesome technical skills on many Products in the BMC Portfolio.


With amazing passion these past years, Carl Wilson has been tirelessly helping out many communities.


By never focusing on a given technology, and always looking around for best tricks, Carl is able to apply his knowledge to find creative answers or workarounds.


Thanks Carl for your open mind, great skills, and willingness to share them with the Community.





Ohhh, one last thing: these users (and the one's recognized in the past months) will probably find a place in Streams you set up.

Make sure you're always in the know, following people and places that matter for you, and deciding to be notified or not.