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We're live!

Upgrade steps have been performed successfully in the past hours. And additional capabilities have been installed.


You can see right here all the features that were added.


Streams of information: configure your streams, to stay in the know!


You'll all be quickly familiar with the environment:

  • we still have discussions, blog, documents, ideas.
  • Interaction still happens in Communities or specific groups (see Top Nav).


There are some new things you need to be aware of.


To start, let's focus on what is very important, let's focus on streams. That's the new way to follow and/or be notified of activity.

  1. Make sure you're logged in (your usual login/password still works)
  2. Go on My BMC Community
  3. Create a Stream, where you'll be able to group people and places (Communities, also known as spaces, and Groups) and decide to be notified or not (see this video to be fully familiar with it)
  4. Then, every day, maintain your stream by following/unfollowing users and place. (see this video for a demo)


In the next days, you'll have time to discover the other capabilities.

Should you have questions, issues, comments, please ask (aka create a discussion) in Using Communities