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In the past weeks, you've been introduced to capabilities that we wanted to launch.

Our plan is to begin to launch them this week-end (Saturday 20th).


Ready to hit the road? Let's Jive this week-end!


Starting around 6pm PST on Friday 19th, BMC Communities will be read-only while it upgrades and many capabilities are added.

It will then automagically transform to the new version, that you'll be able to enjoy on Monday (or even on Sunday should you want to)



See Overview vid with a couple of users

To have more details, check out resources below:

  1. Great features that will make collaboration easier:
    1. Genius and other online helpers
    2. Social Inbox
    3. Keyboard magic to @mention people or content, or even search and insert external resources
    4. Streams to follow who/what matters for you (and/or flag for notification): introduction video, advanced vid
    5. Menus displaying all Products, not only the Suites
  2. Advanced capabilities: (more details will be shared in the next 2 weeks)
    1. Mobile App (native on iOS and Android), and mobile-browser-friendly.
    2. Ability to interact on BMC Communities from any web site, in context


The Jive dance is just beginning, you'll see more content and capabilities in the next weeks and months!