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Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Robby Dick, Technical Marketing Manager for BMC Software. Robby is one year into his social journey.   By learning on his own, and with help from the BMC social team, social has changed the way this traditional guy approaches information in his daily life – and that surprises him.  You can find Robby Dick on BMC Communities or via @robbydbmc on Twitter and here on LinkedIn.


How long have you been Social?  profile-image-display (1).png

About one year—it started because of work.

I had an idea of each of the social platforms--and at a high level what their uses were-- but did not use them.


A few years ago I set up a Facebook account for my wife. After she used it for a few weeks, she told me to get rid of it. I never used it.


How do you get started in Social Media?

It was company inspired when I moved into a new role about a year ago as a technical marketer on the Control-M Solutions marketing team. Social interaction really came about because of that switch.


When I joined the team, the roles were changing. A lot came out of the first team meeting including our team goal of creating a presence in the social world around the product we all know and love—Control M. It’s a small team and we have each run with social and done our own thing, but it started as a company initiative.


How do you find “Inspiration” for social content?

My inspiration for the most part is really great, new material that is coming out of my team, or from others at BMC. And basically when I am doing social, I am pointing people to that content. We have clickable demos, info graphics, funny educational explanation videos, webinars, deep dive product info, etc.


Where does this content live?

Our content resides mostly in the BMC domain. I just put it out there and organize it. When I sit down at the beginning of the week, or at the beginning of each day, I spend a few minutes putting it out there – so that’s when I am doing my Tweeting or social stuff.  I try to do at least a couple of things each day.


Do you have a Personal Rule/Mantra?

At this point I really keep it entirely business focused and relevant and in the tenor of business. I would say that 99% of my Tweets are business related.  


As I get more comfortable with social interaction, I am loosening that up a bit. I still I think it’s my thing to keep it relevant. I use social platforms to consume different stuff, likegood things to know,” funny things or self improvement, but I keep my posts relevant to a business context. 

I want to be a resource.


Would you share your Biggest Win/ Achievement?

The BMC Social Team  commented on how they had heard from an analyst that the social content from the BMC Control M Team—specifically how  our use of Twitter is “spot on,” relevant, and not noise. That was pretty nice to see, that the relevance was impactful to people we are trying to influence.  We have excellent numbers (as compared to the competition) on our Facebook presence too.


How do you approach Time Management?

Basically I went from knowing nothing about social to knowing what I do know in just a few months. I created accounts on each of the social platforms- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and navigated. Even though I had heard about them, I had no knowledge of their use, or tricks, so I spent a couple of months learning the ins-and-outs to get into a rhythm of being mostly a Twiter user with a little bit of LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.  Primarily I use Twitter.


I tried to schedule content once—so I know how that works. But at this point, I work live. If I write a blog, as soon as it’s available, I tweet.  Everything is really spur-of-the-moment and live.


I am starting to do analysis on the content I socialize. I feel like some of the content  is more engaging –with info  graphics or short videos--, but I am just now getting into the analytics of it all with the BMC Social Media Team.


What are your biggest Challenges with Social Media?

It is a challenge not knowing how to understand if the content that I post is getting in front of the people that I want to get in front of. And if it is, if it’s truly relevant and helpful to them in making a decision.



Do you have a Parting Thought to Share?

I realize I sometimes like to get set in my ways so I figured I had no time to do anything else. Up until a year ago, before this started, I was a traditional, “read the newspaper every morning… in my hands…” sort of guy. That’s how I consumed my media.

Even when the company initiative was made, and I knew I was going to be more social, I never saw myself as someone who would consume content that way.


Now I still get the paper every day—and I still read it many mornings—but I do a lot of consumption of news and information via social, because I am familiar with the platforms. So, if I don’t have the time, (or if the paper is delivered wet, or I am on the road,) I now am more than happy to fire up my mobile device or laptop and consume information that way. I feel like I can tailor the information better and find what I am interested in—not just what is presented to me.


The switch has been a good thing to show me that I do have time, and I have changed my formula a bit. It’s a change that I never expected or really thought would occur—but it happened, I am better for it and I am not missing out on anything—it’s been great.


It’s going to continue to change, and I am going to continue to change with it!