Many of you are ready to use streams, to follow people (and/or places - communities, groups), and decide to be notified or not.




For all of you, soon a very important Action Item for you to perform


In the past, you used to set e-mail notifications (see post from 17 months ago).

Action Item

To benefit from the more flexible and powerful streaming capability, you'll have to reconfigure these notifications.

It will take a couple of seconds/minutes, and you'll be very happy afterwards!


To learn more about streams, check these videos: streams heads-up, and more explanations.

  • TIP1: to prep this task, begin to think (right now) about the best way for you to group what you want to follow (and/or to be notified on)
  • TIP2: Let's take this opportunity to revisit what's within BMC Communities: mouse-over the Top Navigation (Products, Market Topics, etc.), and test what's behind each menu : there may be things that you at least want to easily follow (or even be notified about): some communities, some groups, and also many users.