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Some days ago, a video was posted to introduce the streams concept,



Streams: define what matters for you, to easily follow/be notified


The streaming capability allows you to tailor several flows, for you to follow and/or be notified on.

It's definitely like Facebook News Feed, Google Circles, or Twitter Lists. It is as easy as these social platforms, but more powerful actually, since each of the streams can contain people and/or places (that are proposed to you based on your usage), and you can quickly switch e-mail notif On or Off.


Today, let's go a bit deeper, and explain how to tweak these stream day after day, so that they always fit to your needs.

Another video was recorded, and is shared here:


Tweaking Streams every day, while interacting, making sure thyy fit to your needs


So, getting familiar with this capability? Ready to test it out live soon?

In the next post on this topic, I'll talk with a couple of users on their choices, for their streams.