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These past 7 days, you've seen visuals of what we will soon enjoy on BMC Communities.

See summary here, with pointers to each blog post.


What will happen in the next days?

Tomorrow is the D day of phase 2 of this launch. We'll start 2nd phase of the enablement, getting deeper on what you'll be able to enjoy later this month (April is the tentative launch goal for the improved BMC Communities).


We'll post videos walking you through each new capability, so that you all become familiar with them, even before they are released. We want the transition to be smooth for you all, and want to make sure that you quickly benefit for each new capability.

You'll be able to send feedback on each capability, by adding comments on the blog posts..


Getting one step further, beginning tomorrow, with videos

And what about a live preview?

In the past weeks, many power users (Customers, Partners, BMCers - most of them featured in the past Monthly Awards) have been interacting in a private beta Environment, sending feedback on capabilities.


In the next days/weeks, depending on feedback we have from you on the videos we post, we may also consider opening things up even more:

  1. Webinars where you'd be able to ask questions, and we'll demo in real-time
  2. A public beta program later on.


We're all very happy to be able to share more with you, let us know what you think!