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This one is from the YouTube tips

Help users scan through your Video

Like anchor tags and Sub headers for big chunks of content, it is a good idea to segment a big video, like.

  • A product demo/tutorial
  • Live event recording with multiple speakers
  • Google hangout on air with multiple attendees


In the Description section of your YouTube video give that Skip-to kind of control to the user so that they can directly jump to/revisit the section they are interested in.  .


And Google makes it unbelievably simple to do this:

  1. Note the time of the specific section you want to pick by mouse-ing over the timeline bar.
  2. Click in the Edit info to open up the Description section of your video.
  3. Write the time in the description in mm:ss format.
  4. Save changes and YouTube creates a link for you directly to that specific section of the video.


See it working in this video.