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Today's tip comes from Steve Kallestad, a Remedy guru and a BMC Communities user.

He actually started with a challenge, which I'm sure many of you can relate to:

How to keep up with all the content on BMC Communities?

But here we'll see a great example of how the pain was turned around as an opportunity to devise a solution.4556605516_db311a3724_m.jpg

The quest

1. Instead of starting with an email , Steve went Social, and admitted his challenge about information uptake by opening a discussion, in BMC Social.


2. Within 48hrs he had other expert Communities users jump on his Discussion and share handy tips on how they manage their personal usage and content consumption.

3. He combines the inputs and uses his own methods to achieve a personal Automated content management solution.

just Lemon ice tea by elviskennedy on Flickr

Giving back to the Community

To complete the cycle, Steve, acknowledged the contributions (Marks answers as helpful) and created a video explaining details of the tools and cool technologies like (RSS feeds, Yahoo Pipes, Live bookmarks etc) - Now that's true Social spirit!


Here's the demo.


Steve, thanks for sharing this useful tip and also for showing us, exactly how to get things moving efficiently in an #e20 world.