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The 3 users who are featured this week all work in the Automation space: Server, Client, and Orchestration.

With Cloud Lifecycle Management moving to the top priorities for CIOs, it's not a surprise at all.


Steffen.pngThe first Community user showcased this month is Steffen Kries. Steffen works for a big bank in Germany, he focuses on Server Automation and Orchestration for Commerzbank (who can be very proud of the sunshine that Steffen brings to their Brand).


Steffen is an active member in the community, both asking and answering questions.

His contribution makes a real difference, as the following feedback illustrates: "Thanks a lot Steffan. Actually your answers are enlightening me on..." (see live here)


Steffen was nominated by Jim Wilson, who has been instrumental in the success these past years of Server Automation and Dashboards/Analytics communities. Being noticed by Jim is actually a win by itself!


Danke sehr Steffen für ... oooops, I have to switch to English (German is too hard for me now): Thanks a bunch Steffen for your engagement, it makes BMC Communities a better place to be for many users!



Adil.pngLet's now move all the way to India.

Adil is in the top 10 most succesful contributors these past 3 months, with 463 points.


Adil works for CSC, he has been very active on BMC Communities these past years, mostly in the Marimba for Clients (where he is the all-time top contributor - yeah!) and Marimba for Servers communities.


Some weeks ago, he joined an exciting webinar with key users in his region, broadcasted live on YouTube for you all.


Adil, let's continue to interact together to make sure that CSC continues to benefit and contribute here, providing best leverage for your customers around the world, with resources that are public and easy to find.




And I'm excited to finish with an R&D individual from BMC.

Ashitosh works in the QA team in India, focusing on Bladelogic family and related solutions.

Ashitosh is in the top 10 most succesful contributors lately, with 519 points these past 3 months. Congrats!!


He interacts in various ways. Ashitosh of course helps by answering questions on products he works for (obvioulsy helping the community with his efficient answers, and also helping him to better design QA Use Cases, so that it reflect swhat real users do).


But he also learns by looking at other products, especially ideas that community users submit. By translating them on the products he works for, he can provide more value in his QA role for BMC Products he focuses on.


Ashitosh was sure with Adil and others from india in the Hangout that happened some weeks ago.



Thanks to the 3 of you for making February a great month for Community users around the globe!