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We have come a long way from the earliest days of smoke signals and beating drums to mordern day electronics and the web, the scope for communication has increased exponentially.

Would you rather email, Have an instant message chat or talk to a real person?


Here are some of the options for having a real time communication.


OptionWhen to use?

1.Text chat: Instant Messaging


If you are connected to the user online

  • Need for the minute info exchange
  • Add more people to quickly take a decision
  • File exchange & screenshare



  • The chat client (Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MS Communicator, Lync?)
  • The other person's id. Have you shared your chat Id on your profile, so others can Search you?

2. Voice: VoIP, Telephone


  • Longer dialogue/trouble shooting - Speaking is way effective.
  • Excellent for Customer support

Yes VoIP tech might have reduced costs, but:

  • Have to dial in lengthy numbers + Network + Country code + Conference call pin
  • Call into a Webex & a audio call separately. Not engaging enough?


<< One of these devices

Could things be more effective?

3. Video

Skype_logo.svg.pngor MS Lync

See each other!

Connect with people within your organization through Lync or Communicator and other people outside using Skype.

  • Great tool to text chat + Video + file share
  • Maintain chat notes history upto 6months!
  • Communicator/Lync gives you this ability of sharing screens And giving control of your desktop to someone else on the chat. Great way for tech troubleshooting, installing/removing softwares, patches, etc.


  • Currently screen sharing and video only limited to 2 callers. The moment it is more, the call becomes audio only for the free version of Skype.



Skype software + webcam + microphone

Be clean shaven, presentable?

4. Broadcast yourself to the world


  • The true virtual meeting room (upto 10 callers)
  • Excellent for regular scrum meetings (if you are a spread out team like mine)

The #hangoutsonair revolution

  • You can broadcast your chat live on Google Plus like a Live Radio show.
  • Get a YouTubevideo of your chat after the session is over - Publish it as a blog post
  • Public demos - See Jason Frye's success with his My IT demos
  • Build a Community around a product or an idea, or plain fun.

Other cool features

  • Include another video in the middle of the hangout video - Check how my bit was included later (post production) into the Socmed team greeting hangout. I could not attend when it happened.
  • Adjust your call settings according to your available bandwidth so that you do not disconnect.



A Google account + webcam + microphone. Hangouts are now possible even from Gmail.


*Hey, looks like President Obama hungout Live from the White House with the nation, this Feb14!

Technology has made it possible for us to be even more connected than ever before. What is your preferred way of being connected?