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I recently met online with  successful Community Users from India:



We talked about the way they use BMC Products, and how they interact with Community members.


In-depth video with 4 great Community users from India


It's a 45-min video, so let's help you find out specific topics with timestamps.


Each speaker introduces himself, interests, company, and

  • 0:30 Adil
  • 2:00 Ashitosh
  • 4:30: Avisekh
  • 7:10 Dhananjay


9:00 What Part of BMC Communities to you use?


14:30 What technology do you use to interact?

  • Laptop or mobile
  • Powerful Web interface, or e-mail


18:30 How do your colleagues interact?

  • BMC Communities and/or other?
  • To answer Avisekh's comment about users not often involved with BMC Products, we plan to make it easier for them to interact on BMC Communities: they already can view content, and enabling Social Authentication (tentative ETA mid-2013) will help these users to fully interact without having to remember a login/password for this!


27:00 What would you like to see happening on BMC Communities?

  • Dhananjay: "It would be great follow users" > Yes, we're defintely working on this, see streams that we will have later in 2013
  • Aviskeh: "Follwing people is good. Driving users from internal TCS sites to BMC Communities and benefit from big crowd and transparency. Encouraging Users to contribute" > Your very experience is evidence of benefits when engaging on BMC Communities, you can sure explain that to colleagues.
  • Ashitosh: "Encouraging users to contribute (what Sanju does within BMC R&D in India, by posting pictures of Top Contributors on every floor in the Office), in more companies. Users who post discussions should then flag as Correct, or Helpful, so that others know where the relevant answers are. Users could attach videos" > All great points! You can all motivate other colleagues
  • Adil: "More participation, more engagement" > each of you can explain to collegues benefits you experience by interacting on BMC Communities


44:10 Interest in Local User Group meetups

  • Overall approval that having F2F events would be very useful for the community