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Today we speak to Hema Mohan, Senior Product Manager for BMC Software.  She has been recognized by her peers as someone who is eagerly embracing social in her own unique way. Hema has an enthusiastic following within the ITSM community. You can find Hema on BMC Communities or via @Hema_Mohan on Twitter.



How long have you been Social?

I have been active on facebook since 2007, and on professional sites since 2009.

I started with using Facebook to connect with friends and later joined Twitter and LinkedIn as it helped extend my professional network.


How did you get started in Social Media?

My sister works in Public Relations and she introduced me to Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, I was hired by BMC when HR spotted me on LinkedIn. I’ve always been active in FaceBook, but became active on Twitter only a year ago, soon after I realized the power of Social Media – I once tweeted about a faulty bill I received from my Wireless provider. Within minutes I had the Zonal Manager contact me and resolve my issue. That’s how it started.



How do you find “Inspiration” for social content?

There is no dearth of inspiration in the social world. You just need to find your topic of interest and your influencers. Luckily for me, I have both. My main inspiration is the space I work in – anything interesting or new perspectives in the ITSM field excites me. Other major sources of inspiration are “Thought Leaders” like Chris Dancy and Alf Abuhajleh who use Social media to effectively evangelize their field of work and at the same time try something different to reach out to their audience.  I’d love to be where they are in terms of being Social Media active. Currently I’m still in a learning phase.



How do you approach Content Development?

With regards to Content development, I am in a reactive mode. My aim is to communicate frequently in the form of blogs, tweets etc. though I feel that I am not there yet. However, my current approach has been promote or tweet interesting articles, concepts and  thoughts that I read on a source like Flipboard, or on a news site or I read in a book.



Do you have a Personal Rule/Mantra?

Chris Dancy rightly said in one of his tweets “If I follow someone on twitter, you have my attention. This is important to remember. I am your customer”. So that being my rule of thumb, I try to keep it simple and not offend my customers.  There are some people (from other organizations) who focus on giving their competition negative publicity rather than talk about the accomplishments of their Organization.


-          I am very careful about my message. With followers comes responsibility.

-          If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it.



Would you share your Biggest Win/ Achievement?

Some of my followers (from companies that compete in our space) RT me, so that is always encouraging. Being connected to people you look up to, is definitely an achievement.

Personally, the experience you gain from this is intangible.  That is a huge achievement. All the people and knowledge that you have access to, is very enriching.



How do you approach Time Management?

For me, everyday, half-an-hour on Twitter is a must. When I am having lunch, I look forward to reading posted tweets and articles.  I also use my commute time for this. However, I wish to become more disciplined with blogging.



What are your Biggest Challenges with Social Media?

With Social media, the challenge is to know how much is “enough”.  There are people who try hard to be visible on multiple forums like - Klout, PeerIndex, Pheed, Quora, Instagram etc. You need to decide which one suits your style and stick to that medium and not get distracted with too many options.



Do you have a Parting Thought to share?

Social collaboration has become a way of life. You can no longer live in an ivory tower and say my role doesn’t require me to be socially active. We all need to embrace it in order to stay relevant.