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Last Friday, a quiz was posted at 15:21 GMT+1.


The quiz contained 7 questions:

  • 2 were easy/medium to answer
  • 2 were medium/hard to answer
  • 2 were harder
  • 1 was really tough


A couple of hours later, I received most answers by Dhananjay, and Laurent posted all answers.


In this video, our Australian friend Carey (who was featured in the quiz) and Laurent talk about their community engagement and web/social tricks:


30min of social tricks


Featured in this video: (including timestamp for easier access)

  1. (at 1:00) BMC Atrium CMDB Community
  2. (at 2:10) Top Users in India
  3. (at 4:20) All Community Members from Australia, sorted by points
  4. (at 5:30) Great Users from Australia:
    1. Carey, Rod Harris, Martin Beasley, Martin Kivlighon,
    2. Zac Murray, Greg Delapierre
  5. (at 9:30 and 14:00) Carey on Linkedin
  6. (at 16:20) Event Calendar (mentions a rock concert, no kidding - and also David Carless plus other speakers)
  7. (at 19:20) Searching complex info, leveraging, friends on skype and more!
  8. (at 24:20) "It's Summer time in Australia, it's always gonna be sunny", by Carey
  9. (at 25:40) WolframAlpha, quick way to find weather in Melbourne on January 1st, 2001 (or many other things)
  10. (at 28:00) Matt seems to be Under Investigation
  11. (at 29:00) Value of Community Users, helping each others
  12. (at 29:50) Australia BMC User Group (about to launch)
  13. (at 31:20) Prue Palmer and Lynn Tan


Have a great week-end!

  • We now need to prepare far more complex questions for the next Quiz!
  • Dhananjay was not able to join, we'll do another Hangout for him