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If you are working on a Word document/ xls, making changes every day, making versions, attaching and emailing your team, and/or building up on versions of the doc on your local machine/ shared drive and waiting to communicate only when it is very final - sounds right, except

you may be loosing out on the much desired momentum you want around your project!

Working today

Collaborative authoring happens on our Communities every day and continues to grow in enthusiasm. Wiki's Agile Methodology poster >>


It is OK to Publish a preliminary version of your document, enable co-authoring on the same document. Incorporate those suggestions, changes, work on 1 single document within a closed group/semi public before you open up the content to full Public when you're ready.Voila!


You've just spun off the P-D-C-A cycle in true SCRUM style.

  • Would'nt it save you time? Efforts?
  • Would'nt it enthuse feedback through transparency?
  • Would'nt it save you the perils of Version control?

What if there were inaccuracies?

The social world we are talking about is constantly upgrading itself and that too at a breathtaking pace. And you can always correct/add on to your content online - It's not a pdf An alive Community is constantly shedding old skin and growing new and changing, no error stays for too long.


We are living in a world of Agile, SCRUM, Sprint where conventional project management phases are being folded into one cycle focused on faster delivery.


If you still aren't ready for such openness check out how Matt Stewart found instant success by authoring his debut novel, The French Revolution, SCRUM style on Twitter - Oh, and by the way, this was 2009!

On why he did it?

1. I wanted to get my novel out fast and in a way that'll resonate with the hyperconnected 2009 way of life.

In 2013

No way am I claiming that Open Collaboration should be the Only way, infact checks and balances in the content Dev cycle could be neccessary for many reasons, but don't blame me if the circles on the poster above just don't seem to stop spinnin in your head