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Value of a Community is about indivuals helping each other.


To enable this, it's very important that community members know each other.

That's why it's very good practice to complete your profile (see profile tips).


Quiz for this Week

Wouldn't it be nice for you to meet other users in your geo? (and meet up if possible)

Or to find out the best experts to follow? (and learn from them)


Let's test this out with an example, for Australia:

  1. How many community members live there? (precision requested: 50 users)
  2. Who is the Top Aussie Contributor? (Full name requested)
    1. When did he join BMC Communities?
    2. What is his domain of expertise? (product name requested)
    3. BONUS 1: When did he join the company he currently works for?
  3. BONUS 2: What happens in Sydney on Feb 20th?
  4. BONUS 3: What was the weather like in Melbourne on January 1st, 2001?


Australia, as pictured in wikipedia

Rules and Social Prices

You can answer (as many questions as possible) by adding Comments.

For each answer to be accepted, please provide a link with evidence.


The winner(s) will be invited participate to private BMC Communities roadmap webinars that will happen in Feb/March.

Users who will be able to answer the BONUS questions will get additional social perk, details to be decided.


=> Update: answers right here