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2013 will sure be very hot!


We see very impactful users engaging on BMC Communities, helping the bigger crowd.


Social Media success is growing, benefiting to everybody.

Social Media was fun and productive in 2012?

Will be even stronger in 2013 (vid by Erik Qualman)

Let's award great contributors in January.


I want to highlight Stephen Becker, for this storage discovery idea. With 50 votes, it is currently the most popular customer-contributed idea, for all products (more popular ideas were actually submitted by BMCers, checking with users impact of ideas they have).


Thanks Stephen for being an early adopter!


Let's celebrate the 7th month of ideation deployment! We curently have:

  • 600+ user-contributed ideas,
  • 3600+ votes in total, community members sharing their preferences based on impact on their business
  • 1200+ comments globally: cummunity users collaborating on best way to deliver value for them
  • And R&D fully embraces Open Innovation






This month, I want to feature Anupam Wagh: he has been highly helpful on BMC Atrium and BMC Remedy products, making an impressive 500+ points these past 3 months!


Anupam works for Vyomlabs, in India.


He has deep technical background (architecture, development/workflow tricks), also Business Intelligence skills, and ITIL knowledge.


Thanks Anupam for making Vyomlabs' brand shine, by helping the Community!



In the past months, we've been recognizing technical users, bloggers, all the way to Community Managers.


Let's pause a bit. How were these users so successful? Because very dedicated colleagues make sure that BMC Communities meets or exceeds their needs, and evolves to enable exciting futures. I'd like to award 2 terrific Communities admins today.



Dave Fiel is the engineer who made Developer Network (than then evolved to BMC Communities) around 2006.


He began with very early versions of the platform, was able to make a success out of it, and quickly became really skilled on core components that made the site work fine for you these past years.


Even if he is not officially part of the admin team anymore, he's always here to help, sharing his expertise.


Dave is currently Community Manager of Technical Alliance Program.

Anirban.pngAnirban Dutta joined the admin team in 2008, worked hard to make the site meet complex user requests.


His involvement spans from very technical projects to social evangelism, private or public.


Recently, he has been sharing his skills with many users around him in India, scaling up Communities engagement .


And he produced this great video, showing how R&D leverages BMC Communities to better serve users around the world.