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It's mid-January, have you broken any of your resolutions yet? Thankfully, predictions don't rely on an individual. Predictions are more of a "wait and see" formula where, ultimately, it's up to industry and technology to blaze the path for their outcome.


A few days ago we asked BMC Software CTOS to share some predictions towards the upcomming year.


If you haven't already read these links, I invite you to check out their blogs and comment. Are they insightful? Do you agree?  Have a great 2013.



                                             Anthony Orr, Director, Office of the CTO shares his thoughts:anthony orr.png


TOP 2013 Predictions for ITSM by Anthony Orr :


1. More focus on the service catalog

2. Greater interest in the user experience and user engagement models

3. Increased focus on retention of key IT staff










suhas 2.png

Suhas A. Kelkar, Chief Technology Officer (APAC), BMC Software shares insights:

Suhas’ IT Predictions for 2013 (and beyond)


1.  More Focus on Driving Business through Innovation

2.  IT Becomes Invisible and Magical







          david williams.png                                     David Williams, VP, Office of the CTO, BMC Software predicts these trends: 


Williams shares his 2013 Predicts

1.  End User Activity Monitoring (EUAM)

  1. 2.   Service Intelligence transforming the role of the Service Desk
  2. 3Crowd Sourced IT Awareness