Facebook-Like.jpegGetting involved in the social media conversation in your industry doesn't have to be a time consuming activity. There's so much good content being produced and promoted on social media. Your likes, comments and shares instantly involve you in the social media activity of your industry and help spread the reach of your company's marketing message, news and information. Here's how and why you should be liking, sharing and commenting via social media.


If you haven't already, like your company's Facebook page(s). Every time you log in to Facebook, look for your company's posts in your newsfeed and like them. When you have time, share a post with your network on Facebook and add a quick comment about why you think the information is valuable. Or comment directly on the post. Why is this easy act so important? Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine who sees your company page's posts. On average, less than 10% of your fans see any given post. The more likes, shares and comments a post has, the more people on Facebook that are shown the post. You're improving the reach of your company's social marketing message and establishing yourself as an industry social participant in the short time it takes to like, share or comment on a post.


At BMC, we have multiple Facebook pages, each representing one of our products or line of business. Our employees help the social media team increase the reach of our posts through their likes, shares and comments. The reach grows exponentially based on the number of people sharing and the size of their networks. Viral marketing is the core of social media and the spread of a message in a rapid and far reaching way via social media isn't something that can be forced. You've heard the saying, "It takes a village..." to accomplish what one person or a small team can't do alone? The BMC social media marketing team has laid the groundwork for our employees and your company has probably done the same. Getting involved in social media helps those efforts and places you into the industry conversation.


Sharing on Twitter is similar and can have an even farther reaching effect. Your company probably has one or more active Twitter accounts. Follow them on Twitter and see the list of industry experts, customers, and partners that they're following. Follow those that interest you and soon your Twitter feed will be full of relevant industry news. Retweet (RT) tweets to your followers to help spread the social message and establish yourself as an industry participant on Twitter. Use hashtags (#) to mark keywords and topics in your tweets. For example, #cloudcomputing, #ITSM, #DevOps and #BMCSoftware are popular hashtags that we use. Hashtags help people find tweets, even when they don’t follow you on Twitter.


To join the conversation on LinkedIn, like your company's page. When you see updates from your company in your LinkedIn home page newsfeed—like, share or comment on them. Your LinkedIn network will see your activity, which encourages more likes for the company page, increased sharing of company news and links, and improved reach of posts.


Are you seeing the theme here? Likes + shares + comments + retweets = increased social marketing reach and personal involvement in industry social media conversations. By getting involved with your company's social media efforts, you’re helping posts to spread virally among your network and the networks of your connections. Social media marketing is all about connections and numbers. Your likes, shares and comments get the message out.


Here’s a quick list of social interactions you can complete in 5 minutes each day—

  • Like a company post on Facebook
  • Share a company post on Facebook with a short comment
  • Follow five new people on Twitter
  • Retweet your two favorite tweets of the day
  • Tweet a link to an interesting article you found online
  • Like a Company Update on LinkedIn
  • +1 a company post on Google+


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