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Today, we're launching the DevOps Blog.

Chris Little and other experts are going to share their expertise, industry trends, and interact with all of us on this hot topic.


Should you not be familiar with DevOps yet, enjoy this quick video with Jody Hunt:




While we were working on the Industry Blogs, we also used this opportunity to rename the parent Community Industry Forums, making things more meaningful than in the past.


Looking forward to valuable convo on this new DevOps Blog.


Reminder: should you want to be always "in the know" on a given Community, opt-in for notifications on each community that is important for your business.


We have a profile, full with our image and an avatar, all our activities recorded as 'Our stuff' and yet sometimes all we really need to share is just a thought.


Maybe how we feel today, what we are up to, a brief description of our role or that nugget of wisdom, your "Aha" moment - BMC Communities has a way for you to do just that. It is known as the 'status update'  not to be mistaken for the 'online' status but more like a personal tag line, the first impression if you would when someone hovers over your profile avatar or steps by your profile.

profile-status.jpgThis is how you do it:


  • When you're logged in, click on your avatar image to go to your profile page
  • Right under your name you see your current status with an (Update) link - Thats where you update your status.


The new status doesn't show up immediately after you've published but don't worry when you come back to your profile page, you can see the system remembers.


Thanks Karen for the inspiration,











So what do you want to tell the world today?


Mobility on BMC Communities is a huge advantage for the user who can continue interacting with documents and discussions they are following even when they are not logged in. We've also seen how you can have higher value by being able to attach files while mobile rather than simple comments, on discussions. But there might be instances where this system of email notification could go wrong!

email-monster.png The OOO spam!!

Did you happen to come across instances where someone's "Out of Office" messages have spammed certain communities? It happens when someone's OOO Auto responder automatically sends a message to a notification email for activity the user is subscribed to.


The thread is then updated by the Out Of Office message creating another notification by the system which is met by the same response mechanism at the user end. Thus you can imagine how a wall of spam can build up. And it could in all the forums the user is set up for receiving notifications, all when the user is totally unaware of the entire build up!


The Email monster from Sonian's blog


The admin in that case has no other option but to disable the user temporarily before they are back online on BMC Communities.


  • If you have seen such an instance please help everyone by creating a discussion here.
  • If it has happened for you and your account has been disabled, oops , dont' worry, you can claim it back.

OOO without a splashooo-assistant.png!

This is not a common occurrence because the system can filter auto response messages with "Out of Office" in the subject and for different languages. but if the user has set up their own Rules for responding with a different subject, that creates a problem.


That's why be sure to always use the standard 'Out of Office' functionality instead of creating your own rules for auto replies. That way your email would only reply the OOO message to a certain user (in this case BMC Communities) only once and we'd avert creating spam and hassle for our friends in the forums.














Happy vacationing!


In the past years, many of you have enjoyed the Control-M Community.

There are very active Discussions about how to better enjoy the unified scheduling platform.

This Community also features a Technical Blog, where proactive tips are shared.


Today, I'm happy to announce the launch of the Workload Automation Blog, where industry experts share trends they see on the Market.

If you're not familiar yet with the concept of Workload Automation, enjoy this video:



Now, let's meet Robin, Rachel, Saar and other friends on the Workload Automation Blog.

As usual, you can interact (and share your thoughts, feedback, experiences) by making Comments on each post.


valentine-rose.jpg And the day of Love is here


..... turn on the radio, TV, pick up the morning news paper or step into the social web, we are reminded that today is special.


May be a Don McLean classic never made so much sense:

"And I love you so; The people ask me how

How I've lived till now; I tell them I don't know"


More than a ritual, I think this is a day to feel love, care and to respond, express and connect. And that is the essence of Social media, isn't it?


Today's tip is about connecting with and appreciating others, 2 simple actions:

Lets make a new friend add-friend.png

There are many fantastic people on our very own Communities to befriend.

Mouse over on their avatar to open a menu listing their recent activities > On the bottom of that list you can see the Add a friend option. The system even allows you to send a personal note along with the invite should you like to.


This works the same way as any other Social networking platform and you'll be notified about all activities of your new friend!


Did you know that you have a unified view of all your Friends and their recent activity from the 'Friends' tab on your profile?  Plus control over who to receive notifications from!


Awesome way to tag along your hike to discover BMC Communities

Appreciate someone

like.pngOften we just like an article/document or someone's blog post and we may not have the exact words right then to describe why we do. What do we do in Facebook? We like someone's post!


We have the same capability on BMC Communities!                                        

By liking a post you not only Appreciate the contributor, but just like a re-tweet you help further by announcing to your friends that you've liked something thus helping reach it out to more people!




Happy Valentine's day!

So go ahead and find a new friend, 'Like' some stuff which you find helpful, bookmark and comment, complete your own profile and let others find you as a friend. Have a great day




Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking about how to manage and preserve references to the most important resources on the web from the sheer mountains of data we scan and consume through the day?


That critical web page we'd definitely like to fall back upon or that interesting blog post which we don't have the time to go through right away; and for every gem found, don't we like sharing it with others? It's double the joy!


Well BMC Communities allows you to organize your valuable urls for yourself and have a way to share it with your friends.


If you've used Social bookmarking tools like Digg or Del.ici.ous you know exactly what I'm talking about.

In this case it is about bookmarking and sharing your resources native BMC Communities itself and carrying it wherever you go!

3 simple steps:


From the actions panel on the page click on the 'Bookmark this' logo. You can bookmark docs, discussion threads, blog posts, anything you see this logo on.

2. Metadata

    • Notes - give in more details about your bookmark for your recollection
    • Tagging - SEO for your bookmark (gap separated)
    • The Privacy selector - whether to go public with it or no


The logo has a red ribbon now indicating success. You may edit the info you entered about your bookmark in step 2 or remove it.

The benefits:

Social bookmarking is a very effective way to share common knowledge, Social is all about sharing


More searcheable

If you've backed up your bookmark with relevant tags, they'll be picked up in the Search. Not only in your search results but anyone's search around the same keywords. So if you've liked a particular content others might like it too and you've bettered the whole search experience just by tagging and bookmarking stuff you've researched on/stumbled upon.

Manage bookmarks and share

Other users can follow content you have shared this way across a broad area on Communities.

For e.g.. I can view all the content others find value from their profile and they from mine. I get all the bookmarks organized under: User profile > Stuff > Bookmarks


In a way you can check out the popularity of a doc from the number of times it was bookmarked.


You can also view what everyone is bookmarking in BMC Communities right now. from Browse > Bookmarks


Hope you are able to set up your personal library of BMC resources and grow it by borrowing and sharing, never miss recalling that important resource whether you may be logged in from your own computer or any other.


As users of BMC Communities, you're fully web2.0'ed.

You're using clouds every day, and perhaps you're even preparing a business case for Clouds, or implementing a Cloud.


What Cloud content do we already have?

You probably are familiar with the Cloud Computing Blog,

That's where industry leaders share thoughts about the strategy. Fundamental things to think about, in order to reach the maximum benefits from your Cloud initiatives.


You can sure interact with them, by adding comments on each post.

Actually, very Productive (and healthy, fully open) discussions have started thanks to comments on our Industry Blogs (see last one from Massimo).


And a New born today!

We also want to have open interactions with the users who implement (technically) their Cloud.

So today, we're launching a new technical Community, Cloud Lifecycle Management.


That's where you may want to go if you're interested by the technical side of it (how these things automagically happen):

  • cradle-to-grave control of your clouds
  • seamlessly maintaining the CMDB to avoid creating chaos,
  • unified portal, even managing multi-hypervisor architectures: required for Service Providers, and very useful for Enterprises too (at the beginning, or to have more flexibility, or to avoid vendor lock-in)
  • natively integrating the usual ITIL processes (change, incident, release, service request, etc.) for best transparency and synergies internally


Next Steps

In order to be in the know, you may want to set e-mail notifications on the Industry Blog, and/or on the Tech Community.


Have a great week-end!

Clouds sure are cool, but let's go outside see some sun too )


Last week, we shared many good news, and also (in the roadmap section) talked about a small rebranding.


This rebranding will happen in the next couple of days.

  • It will be quite small, no disruption (URLs will not be impacted)
  • but we always want to share things in advance to avoid surprises (even if it's very good surprises )


As you see on the screenshot from last week's post, the communities under Developer Network are still named Service XYZ, since it was the terminology when things were created.


What will happen

More brands to appear. We already have BMC Atrium Platform, and BMC Control-M.

We'll make small label changes to continue:

Service SupportBMC Remedy
Service AutomationBMC Bladelogic
Service AssuranceBMC ProactiveNet
On DemandBMC OnDemand


Again, since it's only a label change, all URLs will still work seamlessly.

The label will change in:

  • the community name,
  • in the breadcrum when you're on a child community (like Server Automation, currently displaying Service Automation as the parent community)


Why do we do this?

Only good reasons:

  • Making things easier to remember and to find: we all sure remember famous brands
  • Aligning with updated materials (see for example brands used on this BMC Atrium page)
  • We had nothing else to do in the next days (kidding, we're preparing other exciting things for you )


Anything else?

Children of each community (where the label will be updated to the brand) will have a small refresh.


For example BMC Bladelogic Network Automation will become Network Automation. We'll share more specifics as Annoucements on each community that is renamed.


Again, only label changes, so URLs you may have bookmarked on your fav browser will continue to work seamlessly.

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