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BMC Social is now a supercharged platform with Eric from our socmed team fuelling this next wave.

The new year, we promise you'll see more and more knowledge, cool tips and fun on this blog.

Click on the images

In the new year you will see more images and infographics being included in the content, for sure.

I'm sure you know it already, but if you have not noticed it, images are best enjoyed when you click on them in the body of the content. The image in it's original resolution opens up on a pop up.


See for example Eric's post on the story of the Hashtag there is an amazing infographic on the whole hashtag ecosystem in Social. You would miss out on the wonderful details unless you clicked on the image.


You may not require for all but for images with text, like Screen captures, ones with something more going on, just click on the image and see the full size to enjoy the details.