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It is BMC Social

I like the new term BMC Social, officially announced right here by Eric Tung. Do you like it as well?

Not long ago, online success was all about web robots finding your content, indexing and ranking and making it available. The mantra being SEO.


But today, we know that it is Social powered SEO, or SMO as experts put it. Users like you and I, our friends and ordinary people can influence what content is important and in effect personalized and humanized the web.


Hence we decided to broaden this forum to enjoy the full power of #social - which is You.


Using BMC Social

Are you connected with BMC on other Social media channels?

A couple of them like Twitter and YouTube have already been introduced from this blog.


If you have any questions about using BMC Social media resources in your world, like:

  • How to feature blog posts from a Product or Industry forum?
  • Whether we have any Twitter handles, Facebook/Google+ page for your Product/Industry and how to use that?
  • Do we have a YouTube video or a Podcast for your technology?
  • BMC Social usage Do's & Don'ts?


You can engage by:

  1. Commenting on this blog post.
  2. Raising a Discussion.
  3. Or if you have an interesting #social use case, please share your idea.

                                                                                                                                                                           Diwali gift by BMC India   


Let us enjoy the gift of open collaboration