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The “About BMC Communities” Blog you know and love has been End-of-Life’d, but don’t fret, it’s getting upgraded to a new and improved social media blog.


In addition to covering the latest tips and tricks about BMC Communities, this blog is evolving to become the official space for the entire BMC Social Media team. You’ll get tips and best practices on how you can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media channels more effectively for business or personal use.


Plus, as a B2B organization, it can be difficult finding Social Media best practices and tips, so we’re happy to help provide some of ours to help lead the way through the B2B Social Media landscape. Read, ask questions, engage, and we can all hopefully learn a bit from each other.


We think you’ll enjoy our changes. We’ve got an amazing team with lots of ideas to share and we hope you’ll learn from some of our experience.

Here’s a quick intro to everyone:



You already know him. He’s kept BMC Communities running and he’s your favorite Senior Community Ambassador, Matt Laurenceau.



As one of the BMC Communities pros, and the guy behind Tuesday Tips, you’ll probably recognize Anirban Dutta.



You might know her as just 'Editor' but our amazing blogger for multiple lines of business is Sylvia Barnard.



Another long-time member of the team, but you probably won't hear too much from her on this blog is our Web Operations Manager, Gitte Christensen.


Our fearless leader, BMC Software’s Social Media Lead and Social Strategist, Debbie Hutchings.



The lady that started it all at BMC, Corporate Social Media Manager, Jana Thibodeaux.



Our newest team member and Cloud Line of Business Social Media Manager, Alison Munn.



And me? I’m the BMC Control-M and ITSM Lines of Business Social Media Manager, Eric T. Tung.


What types of content would you like to hear about? Let us know in the comments.