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Highly impactful strategies are often very short to explain:


Big crowd joining main session at WWRUG12

On BMC Communities, we've always followed such thoughts (big, viral, customer focused), and tried to look at the big picture, to enable best User Experience for users.


In this About BMC Communities Blog, started exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day ago (no kidding), we've been sharing:

  1. Tips and News to best experience this social platform
  2. Issues when we had some (we preferred to be transparent), and workarounds
  3. Other Social platforms that we leverage: Twitter, YouTube, Google+


Our very logical next step is to rename "About BMC Communities", to highlight the fact that this platform is part of the biggest Social Engagement from BMC.

In the next days, you'll see:

  • the name changing (no worry, links will continue to work seamlessly)
  • a post from a great social friend, Eric, sharing the improved scope and introducing new individuals who will blog post here


Last year was very exciting, the one to come will be even more!