Learning from others' experience

When you are new to BMC Communities, it might seem like a Lot of content. A lot of useful stuff, a lot of noise, confusion?

You might wonder where to start? One of the best ways to learn things as you pick up speed on BMC Communities is to observe the experts.

1. Find the Gurustop participants.png

Interested in tech conversations about Products or news about the Industry find out who the experts are?

They can be easily located as the Top participants on that Community. These guys (Customers + Partners and BMCers) are the real deal and they have risen up the ranks by helping others and contributing to the Community.

2. Know them more

Everything is transparent and accessible in Communities. Just click on the avatar image of a user and you are taken to their profile.

  • Check their Bio, Job role
  • What keywords have they tagged themselves with?
  • What contributions have they done lately [under the "Your stuff" tab on the profile]?
  • Find out more about their background on LinkedIn

3. Subscribe to learn


Now when you've identified who you want to get enlightened from, Subscribe to them.

Click to Receive email notifications for all their activities on BMC Communities from the Actions panel on their profile page.

4. Contribute

Now when you've consumed content and feel confident, go ahead and start engaging. Start by identifying users, questions you can help out within your Communities and continue to build on your learning.

A real example

  • Laurent who is not that new in BMC Communities admits had started as an Observer (video message) >>
  • Now is a Guru in #itsm, infact helped out in the recent SRM 8.0 launch >>
  • Got recognized along with other champions for October, for his contributions in the BMC Atrium family, and  BMC Remedy Communities >>
  • Encouraged, he continues to be in the Top Participant list on these Communities


Who knows, over a period of time if you've helped enough people, one day you would be recognized as a champion on this very blog!