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We had launched the Social sharing features for your BMC Communities resources from anywhere on the site right on this blog. Well, it is good but you still have to scroll down all the way to the footer to be able to do that.


Now you have the same sharing options right underneath the ^blog title^, isn't that easier?

Why this order?

While the options remain the same we thought or re-ordering them according to your persona:shareThis.png







  • Since all (or at least 90%)of us are on LinkedIn and on Google they are nos 1 &2.
  • Twitter is next because of the type of resources here are more tech and certainly,
  • how can we forget Facebook?
  • The green button in the end is ShareThis. We seperated it from the rest of the buttons because it gives us a mouseover & 1click multi platform sharing option


Yes all of these options shortens your lengthy url.

Public v/s Private sharing

While the sharing options (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter), especially with the ShareThis are great for promoting the resource publicly within your networks, you'll not see Google Plus in the


Choose Google+ to share a resource more discreetly within specific contact groups (circles) as opposed to a broader public announcement.


Notify your circles

You also get the option of further sending a heads-up to your Circles about your post by notifying them over email.


If you've liked this improvement, let your friends know (public or selective) by Sharing this post from one of the options