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In our day we have to shuffle between different BMC forums and technologies with different Username & Passwords, like:

  • BMC Support
  • Documentation Wiki
  • BMC Network login for BMC-ers
  • iLearn for Partners
  • BMC Communities

Some of you might be using Permission management services to maintain your online portfolio. We sure want an all encompassing login for everything BMC; But, till we technically get there, let's take the the last item off the list.


While Interacting on BMC Communities:

From your laptop

On your laptop/iPad if you set your default browser to Remember you and login automatically with your BMC Communities account. Just like your Gmail/Facebook accounts don't bother logging in BMC Communities from your machine.

This is how you can reset your password or username should you need to.

While mobile

Keep interacting on your most important discussions anytime and from anywhere from your mobile devices. No need to log in.


So next time you are on BMC Communities, just remember to 'Remember Me' and enjoy a smooth transit.