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Already familiar

There are times when words are not enough, we need a screenshot, a pdf or some additional info to explain ourselves better!

We have already seen how to do this as a file uploaded as a document and get to use the cool preview functionality for your pdf's and ppt's.

Not only that, do you know you can also attach files to your replies adding much more value to the thread?


There are 2 ways you could achieve this:


1. From the web

Use the 'Advanced editor' hyperlink from the tools bar on your 'Reply' formadvanced-editor.png. Attaching a file is an advanced requirement.


<< Step 1.







<< Step 2.

That opens up the Reply form and the Choose file button at the bottom of the form allows you to attach your file.




2. From your email

While mobile you have the same capability

You recieve email notifications from if you have chosen to be notified or have started or added to the conversation.


Just reply to the notificationreply-to-notification.png with your attachment just as a normal email.



The conversation would have your reply with the attachment.



User Experience (aka UX) on BMC Communities is what motivates us, to make it easier for you all to interact (connect, share, discover) in a fun and productive way.


What happened recently



In the past weeks,

  • we re-launched a Technical Blog on BMC Atrium Platform.
  • Each week (usually on Monday's, since BMC Atrium is the foundation of BSM ), you'll learn new things



In the past days, Control-M has been worked on:



What's in the roadmap

In the next days, we'll make it easier for you to find brands you're familiar with (Control-M was the kick-off of this project)


In the next weeks, a lot more exciting things coming:

  • More appealing look & feel
  • No disruption, just making things easier for you
  • We'll share more in Feb/March


As usual, share your thoughts as Comments

New Users: Access Issues

Posted by Anirban Dutta Jan 27, 2012


If you are new to BMC Communities and looking to access the Private Communities immediately after signing up, you won't be able to. There is an intermediate validation and granting access piece that has to be done by the admin before giving you access and you have more visibility.


Of late there has been a bulk of access requests the Communities admin is looking into so there may be some delays in processing the requests. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and are working on the batch on priority and will soon get back to the normal speed of delivery which is within 24 hrs.


Till that time you can read some of the tips available on this blog and is fully public.


In the meanwhile if you are a BMC Partner with an urgent requirement to access the Partner areas of Communities and have not heard from anyone on the admin team yet, you could email your access request with your BMC Communities username to

For BMC Employees in the same situation, you could raise a high priority request with the Communities team and we shall promptly look into it.


For all other cases, we greatly appreciate your patience.


Just in case you don't know about it, today in Republic Day in India.

Many offices are closed.


So do not chase indian friends, they may have a well deserved rest


To know about Republic days in other countries, wikipedia is our friend.

Matt Laurenceau

What about Twitter?

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Employee Jan 26, 2012

I suspect that most of you are on Twitter.

In the past years, I have interacted with many of you with my personal account.


BMC Communities has a Twitter account too, @BMCCommunities


Why do we have an account? Because we are geeks, sure!

But there are other very pragmatic reasons.


Use Cases:

  • We tweet important news about the site: items in About Communites Blog, hot posts within the site, and more!
  • We tweet-or-RT important things about the Ecosystem: successes from Customers or Partners, job posts, etc.
  • We transparently share updates in case of issues on the site (it did happen 2 weeks ago, with e-mail notification issues, so Twitter was a great way to share workarounds, see here)
  • We interact with tweeple who are not aware yet of, and who then enjoy interacting with you all on the site


As with any Social Platform, there are many other Use Cases that could be performed.

  • Do the described Use Cases make sense for you?
  • What else would help you better enjoy interactions with the BMC Ecosystem?

bmc-rug.pngWelcome to BMC Social Groups

Participate, Share and Network

Today's tip is about getting maximum value of the BMC Communities from its most valuable asset - people.


Whether you are an experienced deep sea diver or a beginner to BMC Communities, I'm sure you'll find a lot of value with the BMC Social Groups. It's the most convenient way  to get in touch with users in your area and other parts of the world on topics of common interest.


It could also be the coolest networking tool through which you can get answers from a broader base of friends and often from unexpected sources!


Here's what a BMC user says about the value she finds in the blog: Are you familiar with everything on BMC Communities?



"My Co workers around the world interact within local groups in their region, Sharing common experiences has definitely given us a far greater maturity."


Easy to locate, listed under /communities/groups and here a few types of groups currently in BMC Communities:


TopicGroup examples
Local User Group

Connect with people who use the same BMC product

in your area.

French Remedy User Group


Iberia Remedy User Group


Remedy Bay Area User Group

Customer Programs

Interact with Product managers & other users for an early preview of an upcoming release.

Remedyforce Spring 2012 EAP
Common responsibility

become a part of a virtual team for a common cause






You'll find two types of groups:

  • Members Only: Membership is open and non-members can view content, but must join to participate.
  • Private: Membership is by approval/invitation only and only members can view content and participate.


So once you are a part of a Group (after approval for Private groups), you can find your group

Your Social Groups

There are more than 1 ways you can check back on groups you're a part of on communities.

Network & Share with friends

Probably this is one of the biggest things to look forward to. Your involvement within a certain group could get you to a nearby event in your area.

Social group events are also featured from the BMC website


So go ahead and share your Social group proudly with the world, include it in your email signature and mention it in any occassion to people around you. Happy Socializing


Guest post from Paul Zinn


Moving our technical documentation from PDFs to the wiki is exciting both for BMC and our customers.


But we recognize that this move on its own is not enough. We also need to provide more BSM and solution documentation and make it easy for you to navigate to reach the topics you need. This message is an opportunity to help us with the last part.


I am conducting an online exercise to learn how our customers mentally group the information we provide.

It takes about 20 minutes, and you can perform it at the time and place of your choosing.


I'm looking for program managers, architects, and others who have exposure to a wide range of IT projects or BMC products as opposed to someone who is an expert in just one product.


If you fit this profile and can spare 20 minutes, please contact me at by Wednesday, February 1st. Thanks!


Let's be a bit serious today. Kidding, it's Friday, so not too serious.

So let's prepare a fun week-end by doing very useful tasks.


Secure your Privacy

Ever wondered if your account was safe on Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms?

Recently saw, and used to clean up some access that were not relevant anymore.



Before reading the end of this blog, my tip for you is to give this site a try now, to see how open your Goggle, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin Twitter accounts are (it can be scary), and fix when needed.





By now, when you read this paragraph, you should be done with securing your accounts on these platforms.

Feeling better, right?


Let's talk about how it applies to BMC Communities.

If you've read the recent profile > signature and benefits of accounts blog posts, you see how valuable a completed profile can be.


Obvisouly, completing your account is a great step forward.

But it's not enough. You need to make sure that other users have access to relevant information in order to better interact with you.

Hence the following paragraph.

Open your Privacy

By default, we've made privacy pretty secure for new accounts (we sure don't want to leak information you share)

And you can opt-in to share more.

1Profile_link.PNGDisplay your profile: click on your name, on the top-left of your window
2Profile_privacy.PNGClick on this link in the Actions panel, then go to Privacy Settings Tab


For each attribute of your profile, you'll be able to pick:

  • Everyone: anybody can see
  • Registered Users: only users with an account on BMC Communities can see
  • Friends: only users flagged as friends can see
  • Yourself: only you can see


Some Guidelines:

  • In order to make it easy for others to learn from you and interact with you, most attributes (with a Value) should be set to Everyone,
  • Perhaps a couple set to Registered Users (things that only the BMC Community needs to know)
  • If you share very personal things on some attributes, Connections is a good pick.
  • Yourself only makes sense for email for example, or for attributes with no value for now.



You've secured your privacy on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin-like platforms?

And you've tweaked your privacy on BMC Communities, allowing you to get more value from this platform?


Great, you've taken very useful steps!

Have a terrific week-end. The next weeks are goign to be even better now.



Need to login to BMC Communities but not being able to remember your password?


Passwords and logins are the common overhead all of us have to bear today with the amount of web site or online services we need to access. Login management is more of a story of personal experience and determination. So if you haven't come across the cool Remember me tip which doesn't require you to remember your login for this site, today's post might be just for you.


As a BMC Communities admin I frequently come across users who need help to be reminded about their username or reset their password resulting in a wait time, and that optimal participation enthusiasm might be gone by then!!


With BMC Communities it is a very short process and is Self Service!


1. On the BMC Communities home page click on the 'Login' button on the top blue bar.

2. Clicking 'Login' opens up the Login fields: Username and Password. You can find the 'I forgot my password' and  'I forgot my username' links.



Forgot Username?



The system prompts your email address - Give the email address you have used in your BMC Communities account. If you can't remember your email address*


An email BMC Communities ( containing your username is immediately sent.


Forgot password?

You can either give in your username/ email and you receive an email with detailed instructions and with a link containing a 8 charecter alphanumeric token that only exists for 72 hours.

The coolest part about getting yourself a new password is the password strength analyzer that aids you real time as you carefully include the tips to construct a strong password.



*If you have completely forgotten your Username AND Email address or want you change either of them, the admin needs to step in only then.


We know today that your online profile is your signature and we know about the value of the forums here, hopefully this Tuesday tip would help some users save time and get ahead with actual activity


Since Friday is about Fun, here is a video for you.


You can see the live links here.


Have a great week-end, your BMC Communities Team


Happy New Year to everyone as this is my first post to this blog in the new year and like always it's a good time to learn something new in BMC Communities!


Do you know one of the foremost reasons why people choose BMC Communities over other file sharing systems is because of it's ease of sharing, commenting and previewing files?


No need to open up the Power Point or Adobe Acrobat reader programs because we have a cool 'Preview' feature for your slides and pdfs!


Hosting the file

1. If you have a Powerpoint slide deck or a .pdf document you can upload that either as an attachment to a doc or as a File - in both cases there is no change in the structure of the url of the doc produced. Just create a doc in a Community it should belong to.

  • Write a new Document
  • Upload a File *

To have the preview feature enabled choose the 'Upload a file option'

2. The system picks up the name of the file as the title of the doc, edit the title and put in any description you'd like. Publish the doc or Save it as draft.

The Doc is put through a Virus scan process - just to be sure and The Version number is mentioned on the right and it is updated after every change you make to the document.

3. Next, the doc is converted to make it 'previewable.' And if your file is heavy, this step can take some time.

4. And finally you have the desired result.

If you face any challenge during your document upload process doing any of the steps, please raise a discussion here and the admin will get it resolved.

More control on your doc


And within the previewer, just like Adobe Reader you can:

  • copy text
  • Increase your viewing size
  • enjoy a full screen view
  • Navigate to the page by page
  • Directly go to the relevant bit in the doc with a keyword search, AND


Not only that, users can also directly inline comment on your document - Now isn't that cool?



In 2011, we explained benefits of completing your profile.

Today, we'd like to go a bit further.


Most areas on this site are fully Public. Some of the benefits is that they are indexed by Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) so that everybody can find valuable resources while performing searches from these platforms (no need to be logged in on BMC Communities)


So why having an account?

Well, it's like on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter

Do you see Value in having an account on these platforms?

Sure! There are many benetifs, you get far more Value out of them


For BMC Communities, we'll have a quick look at 3 main topics:

  • Web Presence
  • Find more
  • Share and Receive more


Web Presence

By having an account, you "exist on the grid".

Other users (including recruiters ) can see your skills and your team player attitude.

Your footprint on BMC Communities participates to your online resume.


Find More

Thanks to your account, you can easily set e-mail notifications on things that are important for you.

With your account, you may be eligible to advanced view. Magically, some commmunities may happear.

Even better, you can participate to Social Groups, including Beta Programs.


Share and Receive More

Things are very simple.

Without an account,

  • You cannot comment (in a Blog or Document for example).
  • You cannot answer a Question asked by another user, you cannot create a Discussion.
  • Basically, you're read-only. Doesn't sound fun, right?

With you account, you can interact everywhere, share your thoughts, get answers from others on questions you may have.



Having an account enables far more, and is a no brainer for most of you.

Do you still have some friends who "are read-only", who do not get all the benefits of BMC Communities?

You can tell them that we make it very easy for them to be logged in every day, thanks to the Remember Me feature.


Any feedback or questions about this? Add a Comment, using your account (create one here if you don't yet have one)


(from Dave Fiel)

The server, which provides secondary content such as header/footer graphics to the Communities, will be taken offline for maintenance today

Pages will load slowly and look messy, but the Communities will continue to function.

We apologize for any inconvenience


You may have experienced a flood of notifications in the past hour (after a couple of hours of quiet)


The notification gateway apparently had New Year Party after effects ;)

It has been fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Cheers, Matt.


Welcome to 2012

2011 was definitely very exciting (see some evidence here)

Let's make this year even more fun


Deep Thoughts

I was reading this morning seven spectacularly unsuccesful habits.

Even if this article was written for Executives, most of the content makes a lot of sense for all of us when engaging on Social platforms.

Habit #3 "they think they have all the answers" illustrates benefits of Social Media.


Nobody knows everything. We all face issues.

Good news is that any given problem may have been fixed (at least partially) by others.


By sharing what we achieved, and describing the showstopper we now face (read discussions/docs/blogs usage tips):

  • others can help out, solving our very issue
  • and many others learn from this interaction, creating a happier community



Good time to share this feedback from a user (quick video recorded last year):

Today's fun game: (answer using Comments)

  1. Easy: where was this video recorded?
  2. Medium: who is the speaker?
  3. Hard: how many Apple gadgets does he own?

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