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kite-soaring.pngThe topics shared from this blog are often chosen from what you want to hear about - your pains, wins and what is the way forward. Today's post is about what you liked most/ found useful.


And the winners, you set soaring are:


... What has been happening here and where are we going together

Your ideas, Social and Viral

And YouTube too!

A Brand New User Experience!

Communities Tips

...A new feature, a shortcut that helps you save time, a new look at things.                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                      Ariel Skelley / Getty Images                                

Where to ask questions? (part 3)

Tuesday tip: Social Sharing is just one click awayadd-a-comment.png

Tuesday tip: Following your favorite spaces on Communities

Tell us your views

Let us know if these are your favorite posts as well, or what else would you want to know by Leaving a Comment right on this Blog post.


Ran into an issue you can't figure out yourself? You may not be the only one facing it. Let us unleash the potential of the Community to go hunting.


First, Delve into what has already been offered.

Choose the right forum

If used effectively, Communities could be your 24hr Knowledge center, and Conversations are most effective when started in the right areas, notifying the right people.

Own the thread

When you post a Question, it is like opening a Service request which you will own through it's lifecycle.

As experts look into your query, more and more data will be exchanged, analysis, details offered. Make sure you provide the necessary details, screenshots, logs, or even reminders, anything needed to make your case easily understood. Your enthusiasm to follow through will breed energy around the thread. more-like-this.png

Continue to research

Maybe a direct clue or a piece of the puzzle is lying in similar Discussions and documents created in the forums. Infact you would be the best person pursuing your own cause, sometimes even before you get to be fully understood by others. See for eg. this discussion on a Ubuntu Server instance which ultimately, as it turned out, got self answered by the requestor. Check out the More Like This widget along every team-Germany-rowing.pngthread which provide you similar discussions supplementing your quest.

Foster teamwork

Appreciating and acknowledging a Correct or helpful answer not only encourages people on the thread but also helps all users like you by highlighting the right solution.

There could also be an opportunity to make new friends in the process, a great note to Close your case with.


As we'd all agree, whatever may be the business, at the end of the day, it always runs on positive relationships

arunima-dares-a-sky-dive.pngFrom a higher altitude

The dynamic header is one of the best examples of simplifying your browsing experience with our new UX refresh. Defining the Communities into broad islands of Tech, Business, etc you can reach your Community of interest faster. Today we shall talk about a fresh perspective.


Ever wondered what BMC Communities looks like from the skies? Well if you want to look down at the topography, we have that shot for you from: Browse > Spaces when you are logged in and you have the site maplaid right in front of you.

Choose where to land
  • With 1 click, dive into the details of sub-spaces under a community and back up the level.

  • If you don't know where to start you can Search for the right spaces using keywords.
  • For the next time around you can list these favorite landing spaces under Your Spaces.
  • See which parts of the geography are lit up under Active spaces.

Hope this aerial view gives you more understanding and control to your browsing on BMC Communities

Mainframes on a roll

Posted by Anirban Dutta Aug 10, 2012

mainframe-image.pngWe now offer you two forums to stay connected with Mainframes

1. Your favourite Mainframe Revolution blog which has been giving us the latest trends and news from the industry, so it comes home to under Industry Forums.

2. It's place is taken by the BMC for Mainframes & Middleware community under Product Forums.

- A place for Technical conversations about mainframe solutions: Mainview, IMS, DB2, Middleware.


So now you have 2 well defined areas for business and technical engagement for anything Mainframe - access right from the drop down Global navigation from anywhere in Communities.


It happens to all of us, the Oops moments, spotting a typo here, something that could be simpler, better expressed... we all go in there and make small edits to our Blog, Discussion or Document we just published.thumbs-up.png

Publishing your post

When we Publish our post it notifies users:

Editing your post once Publishedminor-edit.png

While this is a great Announcement feature, what we don't want is our subsequent edits being broadcast to the crowd! That's why the editor gives you the option to reserve notifying everyone with your change activities simply by checking the 'Don't send notifications' box before you publish your latest version.


So next time, just before you confirmed your post, you may just consider this small step to a clean and efficient Community


On Monday, 6 August, Communities will be unavailable for a 30min period starting 3:30am CDT.

If you happen to come across the site at this time, go for a tea/ coffee break - the site will be back when you return


Follow @BMCCommunities  for such brief updates about the site.

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