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May mean a lot of different things for you. tech Product discussions, Industry forums, media, blog posts, Customer Programs or networking at User Groups. We are looking to build a resourceful and easy to navigate knowledge portal with capabilities we need to succeed with.


With so much going around, it often becomes necessary to step back and understand some of the main themes and direction of the entire program. If you are new to the Communities or a frequent user, one of the challenges you might feel is to have this single high level view of all the different components, to stay on top of your usage.

about-bmc-iphone.pngAbout BMC Communities

Resources and Training (help, feedback, tips, faq, news, and more!)

This is the central hub of BMC Communities from where we have communicated over the past months:

Tips and Tricks:
Announce & Prepare for Upgrades publicly:
Changes and site modifications:

And even Transparently updating users about

Things that do not work:

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So now you know know how to stay on top of your Communities usage.

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