In the past days, we've transitioned to a bigger datacenter.


We now enjoy a more scalable infrastructure, preparing a bigger future (by removing some bottlenecks we had in the past).


With the recent migration, we now benefit from:

  • ideation working at (almost) full speed: you can vote (or post new ideas) on About BMC Communities, ADDM, Track-It!, BMC Footprints and more!
  • Anti-virus improvements: when attaching files, processing is a lot faster, with far less false-positive errors
  • File Preview on steroids: processing PDF/Word/Excel/PPT (for example) is way quicker, and native Web preview works with far less errors
  • And many more good things!
speed.jpgUser Experience improvements


Looking forward to having even more fun and productive interactions happening on BMC Communities in the next months,


~ Matt Laurenceau, Sr Community Ambassador