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search-automation.pngSearch First

Got a question about BMC technology, products, offerings, Communities? We always start with the "Search the BMC Communities" field under the main site navigation menu.


As you start keying in your term character by character, the system starts suggesting you results right underneath your search field even before you've clicked on anything! For e.g., I would copy+paste technical terms you might ask in Discussions to see what product/ forum is it all about.


The auto predict list might take a while to build so please give it a couple of seconds after you've typed your query term. I even do this, backspace out a letter or two from my search keyword, just to wake up the system a bit

Get more from your Search under the 3 main buckets of:

1. Content

Obviously the first set of results of your search is all the Content that is associated directly with your Search term. Be it in the title, body, keywords or even in the name of an attachment all the Discussions, Documents, Status upgrades, Blog posts, Ideas, etc, are listed under Content.

2. People

This is where the Search is really interesting. It not only suggests you all Content Types, but names of Communities users who have identified themselves with your technology/industry keyword, eg may be in their  Description or Certification details on their profile.

You may want to network with some of these guys to be updated on activities around your topics of interest.

3. Places

The right Communities are presented to you so that you can restrict your Search to these places, get more ideas of Search keywords, or even go to thse Communities and check out the availabe Content offered and interact with some real users and experts. And as always, you have a way of following these spaces of interest.


So next time you are thinking where to start, just start by Searching on BMC C and see the information that is already available in the public.