Let's look at some of the ways you can derive value from Communities without having to spend huge amounts of time.

I'll try to share a process where you can progressively save your time and efforts required to zoom in on your food.

1. Search on your keywords

Let's start with the conventional search, a great way to get foccussed directly on important stuff. We have seen how the Search on BMC Communities is now greatly improved by content tagging.


For eg, if your prime interest is "Remedy and SRM", a search on the terms would be our step 1.

2. Get the RSS Feed of your Searchrestaurant-service.png

Once you've already searched on a given topic, you can Save the RSS feed of this Search. When you Subscribe to this feed you can access it anytime from your browser favorites or can read it from your preferred RSS feed reader like iGoogle or netvibes.

3. Be notified about Feed activity

I know even checking the RSS feed is a reactive way of keeping up with things. Well how can we reduce our time-to-hunt further?

With cool Social tools like (Yes "spelt like a 'Lift' without the L" you can design your response mechanism to fire you an email, for e.g. or have your send a Tweet from your Twitter account, whenever there is a new item on your Search feed, which means on any new activity on topics of your interest.


Now is that some fine dining experience?