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Yesterday we announced that ideation was about to be launched within About BMC Communities, to enable you to send feedback to improve our site, BMC Communities.

Today, as we're activating ideation, let's think on the best way to leverage this innovative feature, and make this capability very productive.


Our goals are: scalability, less duplicates and more credits to innovative users.


We can summarize the methodology with 2 acronyms, DOD and CIA

I know it's not the official meaning of these acronyms, just an easy way to remember things (and recognizing that DARPA helped to give birth of the Internet)




DOD: Diminution of Duplicates

In order to make ideation productive, we need to see to hottest ideas pop up.

So instead of creating a duplicate of an existing idea (ruining synergies that this capability enables), please:

  • look at the ideas already posted
  • vote up if an idea really makes sense for you, add comments if needed (let's keep conversations going)
  • only create a new idea if it is not currently addressed, and provides a major benefit for the community


Note: when you'll create an idea, you'll see that the system actually proposes existing ideas while you type. The goal is to help you make the best leverage of existing ideas, without creating duplicates.


CIA: Context, Issues, Action

You've done your "DOD" routine, and you've decided that your idea is unique and provides real value.


Great, let's now make sure that your voice is heard, and benefits to the community:

  • Includes meaningful (and catchy) keywords in your title (you will probably add some of them in the tags too)
  • In the body of your Idea, don't go directly to the technical details:
    • Explain context (business and technical context where you'll describe a gap in the next step)
    • Describe the business Issues you face
    • Describe a technical trick to fix the issues you've described


Thanks to such format, it will be easier:

  • for everybody to understand each idea
  • for everybody to comment ideas from others, to ensure best leverage
  • for us (BMC Communities team) to take actions on the most valuable ideas to deliver


We'll looking forward to reading your ideas