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We talk a lot with many of you about ways to improve your experience on BMC Communities.

The User Experience changes introduced in April are a great example of outcome of such talks.



We have reached a critical mass on BMC Communities (46k members, more than 1 million hits each month), so we want to test a new way to capture your thoughts.


Pains we want to fix are:

  • scalability of gathering ideas from you all
  • no transparent way to recognize who proposed great ideas


Proposed Solution



As you may have guessed, we'll use social tricks to better capture and elevate your ideas.


Right in About BMC Communities, you'll soon be able to post ideas.

With the same ease you enjoy to create a Discussion or a Document, you'll now be able to post your ideas.



Even better, instead of creating a duplicate of an existing idea (wasting synergy), you'll actually be able to vote up on an idea created by someone else.


We know how creative our community is, and we expect to have some ideas going viral



We'll watch ideas you post, and periodically send feedback on ideas that we will deliver.


You'll see the stage of the ideas evolve, and have a feeling of when your idea will be implemented within BMC Communities.


Note: we'll share more details later on the exact stages, and what they mean



Wrap Up

This social-powered process will definitely improve transparency in the flow of great ideas that are proposed by our thriving Community, and implemented by our magical admin team. As a result, the UX will better fit what you really ask for, and innovative users will be credited on great ideas they post.


When? We plan to roll out this capability in the next days

Where? In this very community


Call To Action: Prepare your ideas, be the first to post very valuable ideas (adding a new capability within BMC Communities, simplifying UX, managing new Processes within the Community, etc.), and your idea will be the one that others will vote on!


Note: This is a test for now. Depending on how Ideation capability is used by you, we'll decide if we want to drop it, keep it, or even expand it