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Technically this is a Wednesday tip as I am writing it a day later.

A completed Communities profile speaks incredible volumes about your skills and accomplishments you carry online, let me share some tips about being more protective about it too.

This post is about a couple of fundamental choices we make during the registration process. If you are like me then generating unique and varied usernames is not your biggest motivation

Choosing your username

Remember your profile page is publicly searchable and is indexed by Google and other search engines.

This is how it is returned by a Search engine:


If you want your email address to be private Do Not choose your email as your username.
  • Use usernames you are already familiar with, like your Facebook, Google, Twitter account names.
  • If you realize that your username needs to be changed please contact us and we'll get it updated for you.
  • Also by not having your username as your company
  • email address you are independent of your current org and can maintain the same account, by just updating your email address when you change companies.

Securing your profile

On your profile page you can control the visibility your name, email address etc as described by Matt. See who you want to share your email, phone number, etc with and even get to see how your profile is viewed by different BMC communities personas.


Your personal data is safe with us under BMC's Privacy Policy which should give you the confidence to Socialize on the BMC network