if--you-smell-what-the-rock.pngIn earlier posts we've already seen how easy it is to skim through latest activity threads right from the front page. Now it's time to give you an even more 'touch screen' experience of your favorite topics on BMC communities.

Are you listenin?

It is smellin a hot mixture of itsm, cloud_computing, bsm.... and much much more from all across!


Taste it yourself: From the blue strip, right beside your avatar image when you're logged in Browse > Tags

That's what's Hot and Cookin in BMC Communities right now.


Click on your topic of interest to see the search results below the tag matrix And also filter the type of content on that topic.

tag-combo.pngZoom in further

Enjoy macro views on individual topics by selecting multiple tags - the Tag cloud engine exposes finer details to you and you can start becoming really specific here.




problem-tag.pngWant to see other variations?

Type your keyword in the Search Tagsfield and get to see all possible varieties of the topic suggested by the system, multiple keywords conjoined with an underscore.


Now isn't that some awesome control for your research?