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We have experienced the global navigation of the new UX does a great job in defining the Community and recently we've introduced our YouTube channel  the Resources offered.

lost-horse.pngWhere am I?

Communities is one information giant and one of our main objectives on this blog has been to give you tips of taming it successfully.

Be it the Where to interact series by Matt or how to follow your favorite Community or even going to the detail of choosing your default tab. We are very excited to bring you the description of every community right on the banner, brought to life by our friend Mayuresh Wadekar.


In one glance you get to have an insight of what the Community is all about.

Better Search

Community descriptions are picked up in Search indexing so you can reach the right product by using your industry acronym you are used to!

So for e.g. your search term 'BPM' would now suggest you the Recovery Management community because it has BPM in its Community description. To me, this means I get a suggestion of useful keywords I could bookmark a resource with.

A better description?

In the 'About' Community we are always thrilled to see the social interactions. As the description says, this is a place for:

Resources and Training (help, feedback, tips, faq, news, and more!). Ask your questions here on how to best enjoy this site!

So if you happen to come across a community description you disagree with or have a suggestion for, feel free to let us know by opening a discussion right here on the About forum.