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Some weeks ago, we introduced the Twitter account used for BMC Communities.


Today, let's unveil our YouTube channel.

YouTube is definitely a quick and easy way to deliver streaming videos to you.

Where to find this Channel?

Resources2.PNGAs usual, we want to make things easy to enjoy. So it's one click away.


On the header of BMC Communities, many of you have used Resources (on the far right of the Top Navigation).

It used to point to About BMC Communities. It still does (just click on the menu label).


And today we've expanded the Resources that are available for you: it now also displays a menu, with About BMC Communities, and a pointer to our YouTube Channel, that we've used for the past months (without even mentioning it).


This YouTube Channel is a great way to have access to many videos that appear within the BMC Communities site.


What does the Channel contain?

Videos that are posted on this channel are pretty unformal, posted by Community members.


As you can see on the playlists, most of the vids will address:

  • Product Demos: live fun with the products and solutions (sharing tips,educating on tricks - "showing how to achieve things")
  • About BMC Communities: focusing on the people who are part of the Community, and on the site itself
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: a community is about caring for each other, right?


How to participate?

Should you have a video that you'd like to highlight for the bigger community, let us know by posting here.

  1. If your video is already posted on YouTube (on your channel), give us the URL, and we'll Like it or Fav it
  2. If it's a video file (MP4, WMV, etc.) on your computer, attach it to the Doc you'll create (describe business context, and add teasers for tech details), and we'll upload the vid right on BMC Communities Channel, crediting you by adding your name in the description of the vid.


Looking forward to enjoying even more video resources!