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As Communities frequent-flyers, you might already have your way of following your favorite spaces and resources. Once on a Community the information is presented according to the content types which could be Documents, Discussions and Blogs as Tabs.

Default starting point

The Overview tab like it says is designed to give you a one glance highlight of the offerings of that particular community. By intelligently introducing different content widgets like Most popular content, sub-Communities, recent activity, top participant widgets the site owners can choose what could give the best, first impression of the Community. This is your default starting tab or landing page of each community. Kind of like your standard allocation if you haven't specified your preference during your check in process.


Your seat selector

We have a very cool seat selector equivalent. Now if there are certain communities where you are primarily interested in discussions, you can have that set as your default tab. There is a small hyperlink to the right of the last tab on on the community banner that helps you set the current tab you are on, as the default. communities-tabs.png







For e.g. if I'm most interested in the DevOps blog, I can select that as my 'default tab', and whenever I reach for the DevOps community, I start right from the blog. The setting is saved against your username and whenever you log in, you start from your preferred position.


So, as a frequent flyer you can istruct the system to remember you and if you have chosen your destination well, hope this tip gives you a further targeted browsing experience on BMC Communities