Last week I showed you the small changes we've done to make your browsing simpler on BMC Communities.

Continuing on the simplification discussion here is bringing you 1-click Social sharing, right from the footer.

Share on your favorite platforms


Choose individually between Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn or google plus, you can share the resource from wherever you are on Communities because the features are always there on the footer. And not only that it shows a cool counter against each of those buttons too so you rightaway get to see the buzz.


It Shortens urls too!

The inbuilt url shortner abbreviates long urls on Twitter & LinkedIn allowing your followers space to retweet and add their comments.

I just did it on Twitter.

Multi post from all of the platforms

Have an account on ShareThis? Once you mouse over the ShareThis button you can post simultaneously across different Social platforms once logged in.


So share stuff that you like here with your Social Friends.

Has this tip been useful to you? You can always scroll down to the footer and click to share it