The BMC Communities team will begin to rollout the planned User Experience Improvements this Friday.


new_logo.PNGThe maintenance window will happen between 3 AM EDT and 6 AM EDT (aka 9:00 GMT+1, 12:00 GMT+1).


We'll send a heads-up right here as a new blog post when things will be delivered (so you'll be notified real-time if you have e-mail notification set on About BMC Communities).


With the changes happening on Friday, you'll enjoy:

  • Easier/faster Navigation between main areas, thanks to the actionable header (see screenshot)
  • Quick access to trendy items, with Recent or Popular Blogs/Documents/Discussions in the new content-focused home page
  • Improved look overall, with visual indicators in top banner stressing the area you're in (Product Forums, Industry Forums, Partners, etc.), simplified footer, redesigned widgets and more!


Should you want to know more details, follow @BMCCommunities.