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Happy Easter to all Communities friends. Hope you had a great time with your family and got some of the much needed rest? It's amazing to see the thrill of children go on the egg hunt, when it is just a shiny round object which is all that they care about!


Well we have hidden some eggs for you to discover in this Community, trust me you'll love 'em.

Are you ready to come hunting?


From the huge directory of peopleunless you came looking you wouldn't know within BMC Communities who are President and CEO's > from United States

Who are Director of Operations Management in your area or the Remedy experts according to their level of proficiency!

Pick your eggs as you go

Select from a combination of filters, its fun as you get more specific about the kind of people you want to network with.



The filters aggregate and you can choose the specificity of data by adding or removing them like browser tabs.


Search your technology gurus from the tags suggested.

Looking for a friend?

Just type the name in the People Search and catch up with your colleagues and friends on BMC Communities.


Want to be friended? Help everyone discover you by completing your profile

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