2 weeks ago, we highlighted the very busy Product Forums and Industry Forums.

Last week, we introduced Partners and User Groups.


This week, let's focus on 2 very hot areas, Customer Programs and Resources.



Customer Programs

Customer Programs enables the Community to know more about the Beta Programs, Advisory Boards and other Programs.

It also gives 1-click access to all currently active Programs.


The Programs have been busy these past years, and really hot these past months. The teams are preparing amazing things for the next months. Go check them out, Product Management and Engineering enjoy interacting with the Community.





The goal is to enable you to better benefit from BMC Communities (the site): in About BMC Communities, you'll find:

  • Weekly Tuesday Tips
  • News about what's happening on the site (watch out, some great stuff will be announced soon, you may want to set e-mail notification)


You'll also have the ability to share feedback about the site, and ask questions.

As usual you can help other users of the Community by sharing the way you use the site.


Next Steps

Last months saw much preparation: clean-up, simplification, enablement, usage tips, rebranding, renaming, and more.

Next week, we'll make important User Experience improvements (we'll share more details later this week).


We have tested these changes with many users (BMC, Partners, Customers) in the past weeks, and received great feedback.


The BMC Communities team is very excited to be able to deliver this to you all very soon, and we are looking forward to reading your feedback!