We're introducing a new notification system, Perfect Universal Notifications.

This new system, still in test, finds out automatically what you need, and notifies you.


It's still experimental, that's why we announce it on a Sunday to make a pretty quiet launch.


There are a couple of limitations for now.

1. It only works with pure ASCII text, no HTML or even accents, so don't expect HTML rendering for the future posts (this very post being a good example)

2. We had to pick a Universal technology to notify, and began with Fax. We'll add others in the years to come


In order to activate it, go on the notification system of BMC Communities, right-click it while raising your left hand and saying "please activate PUN".

And you're done!

You'll receive Faxes with what the system discovered for you.




We'll have a lot more other things to share in April, looking forward to it! ;)