Last week, we've talked about Product Forums (technical area) and Industry Forums (for tactical/strategic talks).


Today, let's hightlight 2 other hot places, with Use Cases for each:

  • Partners
  • User Groups



As highlighted in this vid, the ecosystem is key in our Community.


There are 2 main areas you need to be familiar with:


WhereWhyWho to use this
Partner Directories

Finding Consulting Partners, Global Outsourcers and Systems Integrators, Alliances, and Third Party Products

All users:

  • Customer to find Partners,
  • Partner to find another Partner to collaborate with
  • Independant Consultant to find Partners to hire him/her
  • And more!

Technology Alliance Program (aka TAP)

Designed to support and promote leading and emerging technology companies that offer tools and products which complement BMC Software solutions

All users.

Technical Partners will benefit even more since they'll have access to private areas for them



User Groups

As explained some weeks ago, Groups are a very flexible way to let users collaborate on a specific topics (see live here)

Use Cases that Anirban described include:

  • Connecting with other Users in your geo
  • Working on Beta Programs or Advisory Boards
  • Collaborate on Common Responsibilities


This area also opens up other Use Cases:

  • Your colleagues working on BMC Remedy prefer to interact in French, they can join RUG France (we've seen American friends joining lately, just to enjoy reading/speaking French) ;  it sure also works for other locales and other products, see Iberia Automation User Group
  • Very open forums to freely interact with the Community on a given topic (see how it was used with the Numara acquisition)
  • And more!


Next Steps

Next week, we'll again describe 2 hot areas.