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metro-rail-map.pngIf you are a busy BMC Communities traveler, how valuable would a personal route map of your favorite spaces be? A map of all the important stations in your pocket? Even better if any realtime activity on the lines of your route could be communicated to you on your mobile device?


Well it is all possible from the Notification options on the Overview page of your Community, where you can choose to:

  • 1. Follow the space
  • 2. Receive email notifications


Don't worry as flexible as the system is, you an always stop following (The options are available after you've decided to follow the space).

1. Follow a space

Now to pull out your map, simply go to Your stuff > Spaces from the top blue bar anywhere in Communities and there you are -  you have a list of the spaces you've chosen to follow with their description and few of the most recent activities in that space , right there - your personal route map in just a couple of clicks!



We have already seen how capabilities like individual content bookmarking and tagging make searching and tracking content a piece of cake.


And now at the macro level we can

single view of all spaces of your interest in BMC Communities.


So no more having to fret on losing track of your favorite hotspots.


2. Be metro-rail-map-mobile.pngnotified by email

And I had promised you mobility.


Should you choose to keep tabs on BMC Communities without logging on to the web, just choose to be Notified by email.


The activity data will be sent to you wherever you are, on your iphone, Blackberry or whichever is your technology. Watch out for emails from BMC Communities.


Want these notifications daily or on Thursdays, and all other types of preferences, or want to 'STOP emails from BMC Communities', simply set your Email Notification preferences


- Now is that enough control?