Hi all, you may have faced the problem of your files are being blocked in the virus scan phase of attachment to your doc in Communities. This is currently a bug identified by the platform and the tech support team are working to resolve it.


Although the promised size of attachments is 200MB, the system seems to block anything over 50MB size right now throwing a Virus found error. Not to worry, this is not about your file being virus affected or the format of your file, the explanation given by Jive:

There is a bug where if the application doesn't receive a response from the scanning service within the allowed timeframe, it will assume the worst and disallow the file.

Till the time this bug is fixed (I'm following up with them) please try to split your file into smaller chunks (< 50MB) and upload, wherever this process could be applied.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Update on 29 Apr

- Please note the attachment limit is now 50 MB