With traffic ever increasing there is always great content being created in forums across BMC Communities. Naturally the question of searching relevant information becomes a critical success factor.


In BMC Communities along with the capability of bookmarking, tagging your content helps users find your content easily.

How to Tag?

It is the simplest form of metadata added at the bottom of your content: discussions, blogs, documents. You'll have the 'Edit tags' option for existing documents and Add tags box to add new tags. And just like the system reccomends: (use spaces to separate multiple tags, use an underscore to combine two words) a simple way to add your tags.

You can choose from the reccomendations of the tags frequently used or the most popular tags, just click to include them or start typing your keywords and you get to choose from a vareity of related suggestions.


Why Tag?

For 'Better Search'

It's fun to know how you can enhance the search for yourself and the entire Community from ground up by tagging your post thouroughly.


Tags used such can be pulled together to show trends like the above Popular tags for a community, known as a Tag cloud. (Wiki). The individual tags are clickable and in turn help fetch all related content from all over communities. See for eg. what you see for the cloud_computing tag.

Tagging yourself

If you had just a couple of words to describe yourself in Communities, tagging yourself around some key areas of your role not only helps others understand you better but makes You searcheable around those topics too!



Tagging is a great #Social attribute indeed and a perfect Win-Win case for both you and the bigger Community. So whenever you create a Document, or ask a question or a blog post, dont forget the simple step of including some useful tags too