We sent a heads-up last week about this name change.

communities_product_question.pngIt's delivered now!


The place to interact with other users on technical topics (about Products and Solutions) appears with a new name.


As explained, from a usage point of view, things continue to work as they used to (no URL change, no need for you to update bookmarks or change habits), nothing scary:


Let's look at an example, with BMC Atrium CMDB:




Now that we've updated the name, it just appears under a different place in the breadcrum.



This name change will have many benefits:

  • Avoid to scare users who do not feel like "developers"
  • Developers will still feel at ease, and continue their dev talks as they used to
  • Enable bigger User Experience enhancements that are planned for the next weeks: we want to make it far easier for you to find the best place to go to in order to learn from the others, post your lessons learnt, and ask questions